It’s a Wonderful Life !!! or ???

With another Christmas season upon us there comes along with it many movies and specials. One that has become a perennial favorite is “It’s a Wonderful Life”, starring Jimmy Stewart. It is a movie about a man who faced with seeming overwhelmimg adversities gets an opportunity to have a wish fulfilled to see what life would be like had he never been born. In the story he has an opportunity to see how the lives of family and friends and neighbors would have turned out had he never been alive to have had an effect on them. While obviously fictional it touches something in the heart of man that wonders what impact his life makes on those around him. As with many movies it has a happy ending.

For those who have come to know the saving grace of God there are lessons in this story for us. The first, and perhaps the most important is  that through the power of the good news of Jesus Christ we have been renewed by the power of The Holy Spirit. As those who have been changed, God calls us to live lives that have effect and make an impact on others. The call to care for the lost, the orphan, the widow, and the needy IS the purpose now for our lives. When we love, pray, give of our lives and our resources to those God has directed us to, it makes the difference that He desires. However if we live our lives for ourselves (as if we had never been born like in the movie) then it also has an effect or impact. Like in the movie the result is miserable. The reality is we do make a difference and God has ordained it that way. He has chosen man to partner with Him in His plan of salvation, simply by telling others the great things that He has done for us through the good news. He desires to care for the orphan, the widow, the poor and the needy through us. Remember we were bought with a price, we are not our own.

So our lives do make a difference as Jimmy Stewart’s character learned in “It’s a Wonderful Life”. The question is what will we choose it to be?  !!! by living a life that shines like a light in the darkness, or ??? by living a self focused life as if we had never been born. Our prayer is that we may provide you an opportunity to make a difference.


Charlie Doherty

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