Prayer request: The plight of an orphan


This is a serious request for prayer. The plight of the orphan has a name and her name is Jody. We met Jody during our trip in 2013. She and her 2 other brothers were brought to our orphanage in 2012. Their father had died and the mother deserted her children to remarry making them truly orphans. I have met these three beautiful children. They were so joyful despite the great hardships they endured in their short lives. Accuracy of age is is often not known amongst these poor children. Many do not know, or have even celebrated one birthday. Having said that I will say that Jody is around 11 years old.

What I am going to write now will not be easily understood by the American mind. The differences in the two cultures is very stark. Sometime in 2013 to early 2014 a relative         ( referred to as an uncle) of Jody and her brothers came to the orphanage. His purpose was to take the children to put them into forced labor. This happened while Pastor Salmon and his father were not present at the home. The two brothers took off running into the rice fields and the relative was unable to catch them and eventually gave up. However he took Jodi and placed her into forced labor. Because this man is considered a relative and some business deal has been made, it is not easy to just go and take her back. This is a harsh reality for her. No education, no future, abuse, and opened now to all kinds of exploitation.

Last night I spoke with Pastor Salmon about her and the news has been distressing for me to hear. I know this girl personally. I have others like her here at home I know with names like Bria, Lily, Emily….. Jody from reports has lost much weight and is seriously thin with matted hair. For the most part she now looks like those very sad pictures we often do not want to look at. What is so weighing on me is the hopelessness and pain that is not seen except in her eyes, her heart, her soul. Please join me in praying for her that  The Lord will work in a powerful way to deliver her from this plight. I pray that He works speedily. Our team will be making a trip back to India in early 2015 and if there is no resolution by then I will make it a priority to get involved. Please, please share and like this post as much as possible that it can reach many to pray for deliverance for Jody. This is work of our ministry. Please pray for us and our team here, and in India.

Charlie Doherty

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3 Responses to Prayer request: The plight of an orphan

  1. Maureen pierce says:

    so sorry to hear of Jody’s situation…will pray for God to work in a very mighty way…….


  2. Alexandra says:

    I have met Jody and have grown to love her. She is a very sweet and gentle girl. It grieves me to hear of this. Praying for her complete and total protection: body, mind, and spirit. Every one who sees this continue to pray but stay encouraged that although she is an orphan by the world’s standards, she is a daughter of the Most High King, God’s little princess and He is watching over her.


  3. She was taken close to a year ago?!? Is that legal there? I don’t get it. Why can’t Salmon go take her back? This makes me sick. She was such a sweet little girl. I can’t imagine her being starved and forced to work.


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