Update Prayer request: The Plight of the Orphan

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On December 9, 2014 we posted on this blog an urgent prayer request for Jodi, the girl who was taken from our orphanage by a relative and sold into child labor. The post to date was the most visited and viewed and the response from all was overwhelming.  Many people have joined in fervent prayer for her freedom and deliverance. I am praising our God to report to you that as of January 16, 2015  Jodi is safely back at the orphanage.  Truly our God is a prayer answering God!!!  I am following with the email I received from Pastor Salmon to give you the report of this great answer to prayer. I have only edited for clarity.

As all the saints there have been praying for Jodis future and to come back, God has done a miracle and heard all our prayers to bring her back.  I went to the man to ask him to deliver and send her with me to continue her studies and to grow up as a child.  When she sees me she just ran to me and hugged me and cried, sir i want to come with you and stay there to live and to study. When I looked at her, she had like dirty face, mud in her feet and  and torn clothes. I called the man out and said I am taking the child with me. First he seems not to send her with me. When I explained to him about her future and that her brothers want her to come back.  If you will not I will take her two brothers to the police station to file the complaint against you that you are keeping this girl to work at your home, to cook, bring water, clean house and other hard labor. So he told me to take her.  In the evening we get back and when the other children look at her they ran to her and hug and have their time with their friends.
She is thankful to you and all that who prayed for her future.
Thank everyone who prayed for her and her future.

I spoke with Jodi by Skype last evening and she was so happy and thankful and blessed. This is what the work of our ministry is about. It is doing the will of the Father who sent us to care about justice for the orphan. Together with reaching the lost with the good news of salvation in Christ alone, as well as the widow, the poor, and the needy. Our world in this time desperately need to see the risen Lord in His people not only by what we say but by what we do. Again thanks be to our God who as our Lord Jesus told us notices when a sparrow falls to the ground and Who cares for a little orphan girl, in a tiny village not found on every map, and insignificant in the eyes of those around her.

Charlie Doherty

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